Friday, July 29, 2011

Dislike Dislike Dislike

I'm absolutely no English major nor an expert at grammar usage or anything of the such but I dislike it when I use the word then instead of than. I hardly ever catch it but for some reason that little thing of mine (ahem) bothers me. Nor am I a "Grammar Nazi" either so don't sweat it for when you do. I claim to speak English poorly and I promise I'll hardly notice.

In other news: Nothing. I do love some boat pr0n (as Cap'n and Doll say, "Boat P@rn"). So far one of my favorite boats are the Hans Christian Yachts... like the Traditional 41. Very pretty, sexy, they are! $$$

Anyways, just ranting. Dog park tomorrow and surprise birthday party for my Ex-step-Uncle's 60th bday. Bought me an ugly Hawaiian shirt for the themed event.

Cheers mate! Be good or be good at it!

Question: Quitting the Sailing Dream?

Today, after I was watched Cowboys vs. Aliens and after I thought about how delicious Olivia Wilde is it occurred to me... I've seen post regarding people deciding to quit the dream of coastal living but it's normally a couple years in. After a period where it normally just seems to lose it's romance, zeal, or something. What I don't see are the posts where people do it for a few months and quit. I want to read about someone's journey where they quit after a month in or so. I'd imagine if they talked about it, and quit, they might be too embarrassed to admit shortly after, but I'm sure it happens. I want to see that opinion so if anyone has run across that article would you mind linking it for me? Much appreciative. I'd admit, this thought did occur while listening to the Jon Lajoie song below.

Also, just one of those days (but in a funny way [EXPLICIT, but really, I don't give a chainsaw...])

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The night I slayed a dragon...

If you care to read about this amazing night, read along. If not, don't click matey!

Argh. Stupid Summer Session!

Well, finals are over and it brings me to a week-weekend or two of relaxation. I didn't do that great on both of my classes but I guess I could have done worse than two Bs. Does hurt my GPA a little bit, but I'll manage.

I recently found a blog by a girl named, Courtney Kirchoff titled simply, her book!

Seriously, she has a lot of interesting posts about her decision to liveaboard in the near future, her experience writing and self-publishing, quirky spider attacks, as well as information about her dogs and her horse. Her posts make me think about the things we have in common and that which I miss so much. I miss my horse, Roulette Double Diamond. Just a little Morgan, but I miss that man a lot.

So I started thinking about some of my old blogs from back when I was a little idiot (not much has changed except now I'm an average size idiot). I'll post a stupid excerpt about my fabulous slaying of a dragon... and by dragon I mean yellowjacket on the next post. The fact that she is a writer is pretty familiar too. But alas, she also got me thinking how much I've been through and how much my dog means to me.

I got my girl about 3 years ago when she, Cali, was 9 weeks old. She was the runt of the pack and the quiet sulky one hiding behind chairs and not playing with the other puppies when it came time to select them. Something about her popped at me. This dog is timid one who is definitely stronger than she appears right now. Young but not so much energy (that was definitely a misconceived thought I assure you).

She is a genius dog... and honestly, probably smarter than a few people I've known. Potty trained in seconds, sitting, laying down, speaking all by about 6 months. I'll post a couple videos below. I noticed the video of her at about 6 months I have this high pitched voice. I think I was playing with her and was excited she was actually doing tricks consistently. So pardon my... happiness.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Been a Minute

I haven't posted lately, mostly because I have nothing to report. I'm slowly moving through the For Dummies book and reading some blogs. From Land to Live Aboard has plenty of links that I've just loved reading through (which I'll probably steal for myself later). On top of this, I've also been busy with my summer classes and preparing for finals this week. Argh.

So, this really won't have a bunch of info (I should say no info really) except this video I found on Hobo Sailor's Facebook. If you have time (~1:15minutes), you might want to watch it. It's pretty interesting watching someones experience with the liveaboard lifestyle. So, thought I'd share as well.

Hold Fast

Cheers mate,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New news is no news

This will be a short post. I haven't updated lately because my best friend is in town as he transfers stations. He has a week and I haven't seen him in a year or so so it's been nice.

I got a hold of a guy moving to town who was a sailboat racer up north and wants a crew. I told him I wasn't really interested in racing (mostly because of NO experience) and asked if he wouldn't mind showing me the ropes anyways. He said he was definitely interested once he got settled after his move in to town, so that sounds good to me! Little excited if that ever starts and blooms.

Either way, that's where I'm at at the moment. Be good kids.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sea Education Association Semester (SEA Semester)

Not sure how many people who know about his, but it's an interesting looking program. Basically, there is a shore component where you learn things like oceanography, nautical science, maritime studies and more depending on the exact program. Then there is a sea component of things like practical oceanographic research, field methods, navigation etc.

I'll leave a link, here, where you can find out more information. The only thing is... it's pretty expensive. More than I'd be able to pay unless I got some serious financial aid. I might actually put up a donation link, albeit not expecting anything but couldn't hurt either way eh?

I think all of the programs are interesting, but the ones I like the most are Energy & the Ocean Environment, Oceans & Climate, Documenting Change in the Caribbean, and Ocean Exploration. Besides a general interest, I tried to avoid the Pacific ones. It would be hard enough to do the program, let alone a flight across the nation.

Anyways, I've started the process to make sure I'll get college credit through my University. So, if I can get that crossed, I'll apply and see what financial aid/grants/etc I can get out and see what my upfront cost will be and go from there.

That's it for now. Fingers crossed.